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infused skin care

infused bodycare

Handmade On Our Farm - Zagorska Hemp Products
grown on our micro farm

using permaculture practices

infused chocolate

ZBD™ Full Spectrum Hemp Extract
raw, full spectrum

from flower, leaf, & stem

Sometimes you really can have it all.

Experience the harmonious union of luxury, science, and raw nature in our handcrafted line of full spectrum CBD-infused skin and body care…and now chocolate, too! We grow our hemp using organic permaculture methods on our small family farm in Oregon, and with each purchase you are supporting a woman-owned small business!

Diana Roome

Zagorska Muscle Rub is a marvelous product - I want to say miraculous, as the pain in my hands seems to evaporate as soon as I rub it on. It contains all sorts of wonderful ingredients as well as hemp oil, such as cayenne, cinnamon leaf, clove bud oil, black pepper - a super effective combination. I'm most grateful for nature's pharmacy and human skill in combining natural ingredients to such powerful effects.

Barbara Tricarico

Michele is a perfectionist and stands by everything she creates. Highly recommended.

Marion Rowan

Zagorska products are fabulous. We carry her line in White Lotus Day Spa. Our clients love it!

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Your sun-worshipping days are catching up with you, and you're starting to see signs of aging...little wrinkles at the corners of your eyes, dull skin or dark spots that seemed to show up out of nowhere, and your jawline is looking a little less supple these days. Or maybe you’ve struggled to find something that works with your sensitive skin, instead of against it?

You've read stories of fabulous results from full spectrum CBD-infused skin care, but wonder if it's hype, and with so many new companies in the game, who can you trust to restore your once-youthful, beautiful skin?

Zagórska Hemp Body & Beauty products have been hand made by Michele for over 15 years on her small, sustainable farm in Oregon. And she has combined her passions for nature, organic farming, and skin care with her scientific background in engineering to bring you truly effective, yet elegant formulations you can trust. Renew your confidence in your own beauty, as well as the beauty of a business with integrity.

Perks! Your purchase supports a woman-owned small business, and a micro hemp farm that does things differently; by hand, using sustainable permaculture practices that improve the soil, promote a flourishing ecosystem, and benefit helpful pollinators and wildlife. That’s a win/win for everybody!

What We Believe

Transparency = Trust

We publish our full ingredients list as well as test results done at independent labs so you can be sure our products are safe, effective, and potent. We believe in honest communication with our customers about our practices, and education about ingredients and methods used.


We employ permaculture practices on our micro hemp farm without pesticides or herbicides, collect tens of thousands of gallons of rainwater, manufacture utilizing solar power, formulate incorporating responsibly sourced, natural, organic, wild-harvested, non-GMO, and Eco-cert certified ingredients, and pack for shipment with recycled materials. We never test on animals, and are cruelty-free.


We believe in the ripple effect, and begin in our own community through seedling donations to our regional Gleaning Network to fight food insecurity, as well as involvement and product donations to The Magdalene Home, which provides a safe home for vulnerable homeless teen girls that are pregnant or parenting.

Designed to Deliver

We do not compromise on efficacy, ever. We are committed to sourcing and formulating with the finest raw materials and actives, blended at high levels of concentration, for visible results. Our products are designed to deliver on their promises, and with Zagórska, there is never a trade-off between safety and effectiveness.

Ready for better?


Good vibes, guaranteed