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Our Founder

Meet Michele: Engineer . Homesteading Mama . Zagórska Formulator

My passion for skin care has been a constant in my life, and is a crucial component of my own wellness journey. Maybe an obsession, if truth be told.
I have always been fascinated with science and experimentation, and developed my first skin care regimen at the age of 12! My love of science led to a degree in engineering, which has served me well in unexpected ways.
After a brief stint in the corporate world that included Fortune 500 companies, my husband Jacek and I quickly realized we longed for a simpler lifestyle; something more connected to this blessed earth. So, we quit our jobs and moved West to the beautiful mountains of Southern Oregon. We found a rugged little piece of land zoned for farming, researched, designed, and built our solar-powered straw bale home, and homeschooled our two children, who were raised working and playing with a variety of chickens, ducks, turkeys, peacocks, sheep, goats, horses, some wonderful dogs, and fiercely independent barn cats. We flourished as a family, and I flourished learning how to grow an organic garden and orchard, preserve our own food, pluck a chicken, and ride a horse. Life was good!
Despite this clean and organic lifestyle deeply connected to nature, I began experiencing health issues, including the heartbreak of recurrent pregnancy loss. After years of doctor visits, blood tests, and many ineffective treatments, I finally learned I have a genetic condition that affects all of my body's functions, especially my ability to remove toxins and metabolize certain nutrients. I'm also at a higher risk of developing certain cancers, cardiovascular disease, blood clots, and more.
Formulating nutrient-rich skin and body care products that are free of harmful chemicals grew out of my love for my family, and as part of my own wellness journey. In 2008, at the urging of friends and family, I began selling Zagórska products; online as well as at various outdoor markets and shows, often with one of my children in tow. I decided to experiment with CBD-infused products in 2017 after much time spent reading the results of studies done all over the world, including several by the US government in the last 20 years. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and the following year we began growing our own hemp organically using permaculture practices so that I could be absolutely certain of the quality of our CBD. My experience, knowledge, and scientific background are integrated with my devotion to raw nature to bring you exceptionally effective products you can trust.
Stay Beautiful!

What We Believe

Transparency = Trust

We publish our full ingredients list as well as test results done at independent labs so you can be sure our products are safe, effective, and potent. We believe in honest communication with our customers about our practices, and education about ingredients and methods used.


We employ permaculture practices on our micro hemp farm without pesticides or herbicides, collect tens of thousands of gallons of rainwater, manufacture utilizing solar power, formulate incorporating responsibly sourced, natural, organic, wild-harvested, non-GMO, and Eco-cert certified ingredients, and pack for shipment with recycled materials. We never test on animals, and are cruelty-free.


We believe in the ripple effect, and begin in our own community through seedling donations to our regional Gleaning Network to fight food insecurity, as well as involvement and product donations to The Magdalene Home, which provides a safe home for vulnerable homeless teen girls that are pregnant or parenting.

Designed to Deliver

We do not compromise on efficacy, ever. We are committed to sourcing and formulating with the finest raw materials and actives, blended at high levels of concentration, for visible results. Our products are designed to deliver on their promises, and with Zagórska, there is never a trade-off between safety and effectiveness.

Diana Roome

Zagorska Muscle Rub is a marvelous product - I want to say miraculous, as the pain in my hands seems to evaporate as soon as I rub it on. It contains all sorts of wonderful ingredients as well as hemp oil, such as cayenne, cinnamon leaf, clove bud oil, black pepper - a super effective combination. I'm most grateful for nature's pharmacy and human skill in combining natural ingredients to such powerful effects.

Barbara Tricarico

Zagorska products are wonderful! Michelle is a perfectionist and stands by everything she creates. Highly recommended.

Marion Rowan

Their products are fabulous. We carry her line in White Lotus Day Spa. Our clients love it!