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A "New" New Years Resolution:  The Happiest Version of Myself

A "New" New Years Resolution: The Happiest Version of Myself

Posted by Izabela Zagorski on 1st Feb 2021

A “New” New Years Resolution: The Happiest Version of Myself

The first month of 2021 is drawing to a close. Already, I can’t quite believe how fast it flew by. I always tend to look at a new year slightly differently than the last. Some years I focus on fitness, others on career goals, but this year I’ve committed to becoming a happier version of myself.

Many people tend to approach the new year with very specific goals in mind, which is definitely admirable, but I find that I tend to restart and reshape my goals so many times over the course of the year that it helps if I keep my long term goal in mind. That way if one day I fall, I can get back up again and continue pursuing that long term goal.

If my goal this year is to become a happier version of myself, then many different factors will play into this pursuit. It will include a range of activities that vary from fitness (because I feel better when I do it), to visiting the local sauna (because serotonin and endorphins are the best!), to spending quality time with my friends and loved ones (fill up that cup!).

While having the goal to workout for 40 minutes, 4 times a week is an amazing goal, I also know that sometimes a quiet walk in the sunshine will fill my cup more than an intense cardio routine. Fitness with fun and a happier version of myself in mind helps me to remember that I can refill my cup in many different ways and it will vary some days.

Over Christmas break, I rediscovered the benefits of the infrared sauna. I spent 30 minutes of my own volition sweating like crazy in 130 degree temperatures. And I LOVED IT! It’s like a happier version of myself that I never knew was reborn. Those 30 minutes were a game changer and I quickly noticed how much better my days went afterwards. I’m guessing shedding all those toxins was a benefit that I didn’t realize I was missing.

And lastly, I know that when I spend time with close friends and family I feel happy, loved, and fulfilled. While that does mean I do and will intentionally set aside time to hang out with them, I also recognize that I am an introvert! Some weeks the happier version of myself spends lots of time chatting with my friends and family, but other weeks an equally happy version of myself asks for lots of quiet walks, reading time, and shutting myself away somewhere quiet. Both are equally good and necessary, but what really matters is that I am listening to how I feel.

Happier version of myself

Looking back at my first month of the new year, I think it’s gone pretty well. I think I struck a good balance and found a rhythm of life that fills my cup regularly rather than drains it. That’s not to say that February might change a little bit, but keeping that long-term goal in mind will help me maintain that necessary balance.

As always, pursue joy


Stay true to yourself,