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Halloween Makeup Tutorials + Mineral Makeup Skin Benefits + Just Say NO! to Bismuth Oxychloride

Halloween Makeup Tutorials + Mineral Makeup Skin Benefits + Just Say NO! to Bismuth Oxychloride

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 26th Oct 2014

It's almost Halloween!  

Are you ready?  If you haven't decided on a costume yet, no worries. 

The Zagorska website has 6 amazing step-by-step makeup tutorials to help you copy the look of your favorite silver screen diva! I've got links to them throughout this blog, so you can click on your favorite as you scroll through.

Now, speaking of makeup, did you know mineral makeup not only gives you a flawless natural look, but is actually good for your skin?  Especially for those with sensitive skin, acne, or issues like rosacea(unless it has bismuth oxychloride as a main ingredient, like Bare Minerals and several other big brand names..more on that in a minute).  In fact, several cosmetic surgeons advise their patients to only use mineral makeup after surgery because of its soothing and healing skin benefits. 

The main ingredients in mineral makeup are zinc oxide and titanium dioxide, which provide broad spectrum protection against UVA & UVB rays, plus micas and oxides (finely ground natural mineral pigments).  Zagorska Minerals are exclusively made with both watermelon and cucumber extracts to provide powerful anti-oxidant and skin soothing properties, and lavender essential oil to soothe acne or any kind of inflammation, and speed healing.  

Besides providing some protection from sun damage, zinc oxide also alleviates inflammation (it's FDA approved as a skin protectant), makes the makeup highly water resistant(my daughter is a ski racer, and she works out with the football players as well as the ski team, but her mineral makeup is still on after a sweaty workout), and prevents free-radical damage which can cause wrinkles.  All this, and it lets your skin breathe, while feeling weightless, too!  (Yeah, it's that awesome.)

Titanium dioxide has a light refraction index higher than diamonds.  That means it scatters and diffuses light to hide pores, wrinkles and imperfections, as well as giving a dewy, airbrushed look.  Like these gals here...

OK, so in general, mineral makeup is a healthy choice, but how does it look?  Glad you asked.  Mineral makeup is famous for giving the "no-makeup" look.  It's like when you get an amazing haircut, and everyone tells you how great you look, but can't figure out what's different.  It imparts an even, smooth finish, with a healthy glow, but it looks 'natural', not cakey or mask-like.

Some other benefits of mineral makeup:

1.  It's so versatile!  You can blend your loose foundation powder with your favorite moisturizer or water for an instant liquid foundation.  Or use the blush or bronzer as an eye shadow.  Blend your eye shadow with water or lotion to use as an eye liner or cream eyeshadow.  Blend your favorite blush with some lip balm for an instant matching lipstick.  Also, you can easily alter the level of coverage with how much 'buffing' you do(that's mineral-speak for applying the makeup with a brush in a circular motion, more specifically with a special kind of brush called a 'Kabuki' brush). The possibilities really are endless.  If you're like me, and love to play with makeup, and experiment in general, mineral makeup is for you!

2. It lasts 'forever'.  OK, maybe not forever, but a really long time.  You only need a tiny bit of those color-intense minerals because they aren't diluted with cheap fillers and junk like most makeup(see bismuth oxychloride below under the section: JUNK) and a little goes a long way. Also, the micas and other minerals have great adherence properties so it lasts once applied. 

3. It's what's NOT in it!  No parabens, chemicals, fillers, synthetic perfumes, dyes, mineral oil, clog your pores, cause allergic reactions, or irritate sensitive skin.  Which is a nice transition to my next section...

(No, not Rita...keep going.)


Stay away from mineral makeup that has bismuth oxychloride.  

Here's why:

Bismuth oxychloride is a known skin irritant.  If you look at it under a microscope, it has tiny sharp edges like little razors that cause micro-tears in your skin, especially if you have imperfections you're trying to cover and really 'buff' it in.  Yes, really.  Many people have had unpleasant reactions, broken out in acne, or developed irritated skin after using makeup with this ingredient, which is a real shame because it defeats the concept of mineral may not notice it at first, but over time you may experience unpleasant effects, especially if you have sensitive skin.  The MSDS safety sheet officially lists it as a skin irritant, yet it is the second ingredient in Bare Minerals foundations and other big-name brands.  Why? Because it's a cheap filler that gives the makeup a silky feel and helps with adhesion.  My advice is to avoid it. 

On to happier topics, like, How to Look Like Brigitte Bardot...

Have a Happy Halloween!  And to all my Catholic friends, Happy All Saints Day!