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Meet Izabela

Meet Izabela

Posted by Izabela Zagorski on 29th Oct 2020

Hi! I’m Izabela, the daughter of Michele (founder and formulator of Zagorska), and I grew up as the official guinea pig/tester of all her wonderful skincare products. It’s a fun perk of being related to a creative skincare mastermind! I’m going to be writing frequent blog posts for Zagorska, so I figured I should officially introduce myself.

Here’s a little about me; My parents raised and homeschooled me on a small farm 30 minutes outside Ashland, Oregon. They moved to Oregon, and away from busy city life outside NYC when my mama was pregnant with me almost 23 years ago. They dreamed of raising their children in a greener and healthier environment, and wanted to instill within their family the importance of nurturing both the body and mind. What better way to do this than to raise their family close to nature?

Growing up watching them work the land—even designing and building a strawbale home—demonstrated a life filled with intention and love. This intentionality carried over to my mama teaching me the importance of caring for myself. Inside and out. Whether this meant finding a rejuvenating skin routine or taking the time to retreat from a busy work week, my childhood has emphasized and increased my desire to live a balanced lifestyle.

In 2019, I graduated from Wyoming Catholic College with a bachelor’s degree in Liberal Arts and began pursuing a career as a content writer. Why? I guess it goes hand-in-hand with wanting to live a fulfilling life. I want to be able to run around doing fun things with my future kids, to have the time to invest in family and friends, and the ability to work and express myself from wherever I am. So now I just finished designing my own website and purchasing my own domain name. Seems kinda simple, but it has been an important stepping stone for me. It’s definitely a work in progress, but I’d love it if you checked it out!

As much as I try to live at a deliberate pace, some of my weeks can be so crazy busy that time will fly by. Before I know it, I have become an unhappy, unscheduled and stressed out mess. It is in those times that I recognize most my need to return back to living intentionally. So I’ve started finding productive and leisurely ways to press restart on my crazy weeks.

Many times, it begins with something as simple as washing my face, or taking the time to give myself a full facial. Somehow, treating myself to a face mask or even a foot massage becomes the exterior, physical reminder to renew myself interiorly. Wash away my stressful week and start again. Many times, just sitting down and creating a schedule immediately makes my life feel more intentional. I understand what’s ahead and can consciously remind myself to take time to relax, returning back to slow, purposeful living.  It makes a world of difference.

And that’s why one of the hashtags I’ve recently followed has been #slowliving. It speaks to me and how I want to live. It’s taking the time to appreciate the good, and retreating from the things that eventually take a toll on my energy and love for life. What beautiful things have I been missing because I’ve felt too tired? What can I add to my week that will bring me genuine joy? I know I love fall walks, and so I’ve started scheduling 20 minutes each day to do just that. Other days it’s as simple as using my mama’s skin and bodycare, like giving myself a foot rub with her Body Reset Magnesium Lotion before bed. I’m a happier person for it! It reminds me of where I came from, to start fresh, and of my parent’s dedication to nurturing me in mind, body and spirit.

Stay true to yourself,


Izabela <3