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Meet Marion and White Lotus Day Spa!

Meet Marion and White Lotus Day Spa!

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 25th Oct 2019

Recently, I reached out to one of our wholesale clients who's locally based in Medford. Marion Rowan, owner of White Lotus Day Spa, not only offers a variety of CBD spa services using Zagórska ZBD™ products, including massages, manis and pedis, and facials, but she also carries several Zagorska products in her retail section. In the interview with Marion, I learned more about how she got started and why she is driven to continue offering her unique services.  

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Z: Why did you decide to open White Lotus Day Spa, and what has helped you grow? 

Marion: I worked for another day spa in town for over 5 1/2 years until the owner abruptly decided to close the spa. I was retired at the time, but the people that I had worked with for some time and cared about would have been out of work so I was not ready to walk away without doing anything.

When I asked the team if they would be interested in working for me if I received financing to open up a new spa, everyone agreed...even with the knowledge that they would have to work part time in order to make ends meet until the new spa was ready to open.

With their support, on September 28, 2018, White Lotus Day Spa opened its doors for the first time! I was very blessed and had made some very good acquaintances while working at the previous spa, and combined with my advertising and social media campaigns, people visited White Lotus, wanting to find out what we were all about.

As part of our advertising efforts, we also made the decision to use Groupon as a vehicle to get more clients in the door, hoping they would return once they experienced our services. While not everyone returned, many did and they have become very loyal and supportive, booking regular monthly visits. Gradually many clients from the spa that abruptly closed found us again in our new location! This was a celebration for all of us as many of our previous, loyal clients had no idea where we had gone. Many of them have now become loyal to White Lotus Day Spa and this has truly been a great blessing for us.

Z: I love your spa, and was so excited to see White Lotus already being recognized for excellence. 

Marion: We are again very blessed in this regard. Since White Lotus Day Spa only opened its doors on 9/28/18, we had thought that it would be far too early for the community to recognize us as a viable and successful business. Therefore, when the Mail Tribune announced their "Best of the Best in 2019" contest, open to Rogue Valley consumers to vote for their favorite businesses and professionals, we did not believe that we would be considered.

To our surprise, when the nomination process had been completed, we were delighted and overwhelmed to find out that White Lotus Day Spa was nominated in the Top 5 of our category "Best Day Spa/Salon". The voting began in early August and the final results were published on October 18th. What an incredible honor to discover that, in our first 9 months of doing business, we have been nominated for “Best Day Spa/Salon”. This is the biggest award my team and I could have ever expected to receive!

Z: It's so important for small businesses to take an active role in their community.  How does White Lotus contribute to your community? 

Marion: Since White Lotus Day Spa offers gift certificates for all of our services, I have participated in many opportunities to donate gift certificates to silent auctions that support homeless animals, child abuse, adopt families at Christmas, help children with school supplies, etc. Since these gift certificates are normally auctioned at a greater face value, it gives me great joy to know that the gift certificates will greatly benefit over and above what I normally can contribute directly.

Z: What do you love most about being a business owner? 

Marion:  I love when our clients leave our spa feeling relaxed and satisfied. I normally interact with each client as they arrive and depart from the spa, and nothing thrills me more than hearing how much they enjoyed their service and how excited they are to come back. What a compliment!

Z:  Do you have anything special planned for the Holidays? 

Marion: Last year we had a customer appreciation event the day after Thanksgiving and it was quite successful! We served food, spirits, held raffles, and sold gift certificates at a discounted rate to help people get started on their Christmas shopping. It was wonderful. We will probably kick the holiday season off with the same event, as it was a big hit with all our clients last time.

Z:  Any words of wisdom, or a favorite quote? 

Marion: I can certainly say that I have learned a lot as a new business owner this past year and have thought about what I could have done better or not done at all. I even went out on a limb and posed the same question to my team members.

Well, guess what? We all came up with the same answer which is "NOTHING". We all believed that everything we did was the right decision based on the funds that we had available to us. And look at the wonderful clientele that we are blessed with. We are always so thankful for their ongoing support!

Z: What are your social media handles, so people can follow you? 

Marion: We are on Instagram at @whitelotusdays1; Facebook at; and you are always welcome to send me an email at [email protected]

If you are interested in learning more about White Lotus Day Spa, then I suggest you go and visit them! 

You’ll be warmly greeted by Marion and her staff, and might possibly even experience some of 

Zagórska’s best products.

Take a short video tour through White Lotus Day Spa's services!



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Stay Beautiful!