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The Unconquerable Human Spirit: Part 1

The Unconquerable Human Spirit: Part 1

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 25th Jan 2022

I feel a positive you feel it?


Last time we spoke, I said I spent most of 2021 turning inward to work on becoming healthier in every facet...mind, body, and spirit. 

I want to share my journey with you...

Ready to catch up?

I know we've all been through so much.  My difficulties can be multiplied by just about every person on this planet over the last two years, and I have never lost sight of how blessed I am.  While I've always believed I can handle most anything, these times have put me to the test like nothing before. The human spirit is unconquerable, and while it sounds cliché, the following challenges have truly molded me into a stronger person, and brought clarity to my life. 

I don't want this to be a depressing post...just the opposite.  

I want this to inspire you! 

Trial #1

I've lost loved ones (friends, family, including my niece, my mother, and even my little dog, Carlo, who I lovingly referred to as my third 'child'), experienced a myriad of emotions and frustrations, sometimes even feeling helpless about what was happening in the world around me. 

I've had the over-politicized bug...twice.  I was quite ill the first time I caught it in March 2020, I believe due to my genetic mutation that makes me susceptible (homozygous MTHFR C677T).  In fact, at times I thought I might not make it, but I knew how to treat it the second time, and so hit it hard at the first signs, and had only mild symptoms for a few days.  

Trial #2

I had long covid, but didn't realize at the time it was even a 'thing'. I couldn't figure out why I had such heavy brain fog and literally zero energy. I kept saying to my husband that I thought I must be clinically depressed since I was so lethargic and couldn't muster any energy for the life of me, but didn't feel exceptionally sad. None of it was making sense! I did not feel like myself, had to force myself to do anything at all, and my brain just WOULD.NOT.WORK. Being an introverted, engineer, INTJ personality type means I spend most of my time inside my head, so this was really scaring me...I felt like I was developing early dementia. I even had a difficult time reading and comprehending. I'd been trying to function with this for over a year when I had an 'aha' moment when I read something mentioning Long Covid and recognized the symptoms. From there, I found a doctor online who's protocol saved my life...I truly believe that.  

Trial #3

I was injured by a chiropractor and spent about 4 months in constant neck pain with my right arm and hand going numb.  Months spent with 3 chiropractors and a physical therapist that put me in traction twice a week only made me worse. I eventually found an osteopath that slowly but surely (and gently!) was able to heal me.  

I'll tell ya, if I wasn't already Catholic, this would've made me a believer! 

It felt like a miracle.


Trial #4: Business Hurdles

The lockdowns of course impacted all small businesses, and mine was no exception.  The struggle is real, folks, and my revenue decreased substantially.  I've pivoted to online-only, relying on my website sales and a few wholesale accounts who were also facing these same issues.  That has required a fresh, updated esthetic, and working with a website developer, graphic artist to create new labels, and new photography and copy.  I'm still in this evolution, and just out of the blue Paypal dropped my biz as a payment processor after several years, stating the reason is that my products contain CBD.  Wow.  I am currently exploring online payment options, but for the moment, checks and Venmo are available.  

Shout out to my customers who have rolled with it...a BIG thank you!!  

You're the BEST!

I want to end on a positive note, and these trials have brought many blessings over the last two years...for instance, we have a sweet new dog named Petunia, my experience with this illness prompted me to put on my scientist hat and go down the research rabbit hole, enabling me to help others, plus many more that I'll go into in depth in my next blog post.

Stay Beautiful!