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What is ZBD™ Oil?

What is ZBD™ Oil?

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 23rd Jul 2019

What is ZBD™ and What Makes it So Effective?

There's a lot of information and hype swirling around the internet and in the media these days about something called 'CBD', so let's start at the beginning. 

Cannabidiol, or CBD, is a natural chemical compound called a phytocannabinoid found in the Cannabis plant known as Hemp. Hemp extract does not produce a psychoactive effect, as it contains just trace amounts (o.3% or less) of THC. THC is a unique cannabinoid that interacts with receptors in your brain, resulting in a euphoric effect. 

A hemp plant is legally differentiated from a marijuana plant by the THC content.  Marijuana strains are bred and grown for high THC levels, with the intention of getting a person 'high'.  Hemp strains are developed with extremely low THC levels, but with large amounts of other healing plant compounds.  While cannabidiol won't get you high, it does hold the highest medicinal value, already being used for safe, effective relief to patients who suffer from epilepsy, seizures, and even cancer.

But, you ask, why put it in skin care?

Get ready for the mic drop!

Your body has a built-in endocannabinoid system, with your skin full of CBD receptors!  Yes, I know, it's amazing, and the piece of the puzzle that convinced me to start incorporating CBD into my formulations.  When cannabidiol is applied to the skin, it binds with these receptors, sending messages to produce biological effects. 

This is literally a skin-care marriage made in heaven!

Cannabidiol is extremely anti-inflammatory, making it excellent for use directly on the skin.  And remember, your skin is your largest organ, so what goes on it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Several  studies have proven the effectiveness of transdermal (through the skin) application for issues such as eczema, rosacea, acne, and more

"My boy friend and I had a lovely conversation re: ZBD products, and we purchased the serum and the rub. I have been using the serum twice a day since and I must say, so far I love it. It is actually healing areas on my face that I thought I would need to see a dermatologist."

-Maria Wasserman

What makes ZBDSuperior to CBD

ZBD™ stands for Zagórska Bio Dynamic, because our oil is rich in much more than CBD!  You see, currently over 113 cannabinoids have been identified, and there's still more being discovered!  Think of CBD as one instrument in the orchestra...we have the full orchestra in our extract!  It is a more-than-full spectrum oil, with ALL the cannabinoids, and trace amounts (0.3% or less) of THC.  Full spectrum hemp extract is coveted for the Entourage Effect, or synergistic therapeutic benefits, when all the plant compounds work together for maximum results.   

Also, have you ever grown your own tomatoes?  Think of the difference in flavor and scent from a mass-produced tomato.  Even the heirloom tomatoes at the grocery store can't hold a candle next to one of my home grown 'maters.  Why?  Because of how it is grown.  A tomato plant grown with care will produce many more terpenes and other plant compounds that affect the flavor and scent.  We can get to know all the hemp plants we grow on our 1 acre, and tend to them as individuals.  You can't do that on a 1,000 acre farm, or even a 30 acre farm.  It makes a difference.  


But, ZBD™ is more than full spectrum! 

The majority of extracts today come only from the flower, or bud, of the hemp plant.  We extract not only from the flowers, but the leaves and stems as well.  Why would we do this when no one else does?  Because scientists are now finding new types of plant compounds, not found in the flowers, such as flavonoids found in the more fibrous parts of the plant, with unique beneficial properties.

Additionally, there's a class of actives called terpenes, which are aromatic compounds (think essential oils) still being discovered and studied, that give hemp its characteristic smell and taste.  These terpenes are thought to play an important role with the cannabinoids, promoting a synergistic effect.  All of these important, if lesser known compounds are in our extract!

Most extracts go through several refinement processes that remove 

these important plant compounds. 

I was shocked when I toured an extraction facility, and they happily informed me that they would refine out all these 'undesirables'!  I think they were equally shocked when I told them I actually wanted all those 'undesirables' left in.

Why remove what makes an extract bio-dynamic and more effective? Marketing and short-sightedness.  Crude (unrefined) extract doesn't smell pretty or look pretty.  Most companies are trying to create the most palatable rather than most effective extract. 

ZBDis unrefined, in all its raw goodness! 

Trust me, that's very rare.  Many CBD products on the market today are made with something called an isolate, which is an extract refined down to a powder with no flavor, scent, or color, which is pure CBD and nothing else.  It is the most removed-from-nature form of cannabidiol, with no synergistic capability, but unfortunately also the most popular, as it is so easy to formulate with and claim high CBD levels. This is why I am committed to educating my customers...CBD is not apples to apples, or even apples to oranges.  There is a very wide range of extract quality...and it's buyer beware. 

Boutique-grade Hemp

There are many factors that affect the quality of hemp plants, including how it is grown, where it is grown, the species grown, climate, soil, etc...  Ours is extremely high grade, on par with what would be found in Europe, known as Boutique-grade.  We only grow one acre, and have chosen to stay small scale in order to keep quality as high as possible.  Everything is done by hand, with care and attention to detail.  We use natural fertilizers such as manure, cover our rows with straw rather than plastic (many 'organic' hemp farms are using sheets of plastic which degrade into the soil), use companion planting methods rather than pesticides (not even pesticides approved for use in organic farming), and walk the rows daily to get to know the plants, and respond to their needs.  My husband has always employed permaculture ideals on our land, as it is the most ecologically sound method of farming.

Our son, Mik, fertilizing with manure.

What else does ZBDdo for my skin?

Our hemp ZBD™ oil contains essential fatty acids and offers an enhanced ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids compared to other oils. Omega 3 is great for smoothing and firming skin, and helps improve the skin cell’s structure and gets rid of waste products. Its silky texture makes skin feel refreshed and youthful.

Hemp ZBD™oil also contains several vitamins great for skin! Vitamin E is an antioxidant, which both protects the skin and can improve tissue repair and growth. Vitamin C improves elasticity, tone, and brightens the skin, as well as builds essential collagen complexes. ZBD™ oil also contains Vitamin B6, which promotes firmer skin, and amino acids which help the skin generate collagen and elastin to prevent wrinkles, and allows the skin to maintain more moisture. Amino acids are especially soothing and healing for dry skin, eczema, rosacea, acne, and psoriasis.

ZBD™contains incredibly powerful antioxidants even surpassing those of Vitamins A, C, and E, making it an effective force against free radicals, which cause oxidative stress that can lead to internal and external damage from pollution, preservatives in food, and even emotional stress.

Now you know the scoop on ZBD™, and why I'm so excited to be growing and formulating with this healing ingredient.  We offer an  exciting array of face and body care products containing ZBDoil, from facial care to deodorant and toothpaste!  

Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Stay Beautiful!