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Creating the Oasis Part I

Creating the Oasis Part I

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 3rd May 2016

I haven't stayed in touch as I should, I know, and I have some 'splainin to do.  

But, I promise you have all been at the forefront of my mind and actions.

I changed my biz name last summer to Zagorska Oasis from Zagorska Bodycare Oasis because I had a pipe dream that someday I might create a spa, a tangible place for my customers that would truly be an oasis in their lives.

My husband was looking into a new place to rent for his own business, and kept urging me to check out this one space.  I was hesitant, but finally agreed.

So I had absolutely zero plans to open a spa in the near future (or ever), but after seeing this new space a few doors down from Paddington Station, I just had a feeling that now is the time, and I'm trusting that gut instinct.

Since this was an unplanned decision, it left me with a particular problem; 

I don't know the first thing about setting up and running a spa.

I talked to a local aesthetician and also a massage therapist I know, who both pointed me to an amazing local woman named Shelley Lotz who literally wrote the book on eco-conscious spas.  

She contributes regularly to spa publications, as well.

She also wrote a textbook, Milady Standard, used in aesthetician schools, and opened the Oregon Institute of Aesthetics (sold and renamed the Imani Institute of Cosmetology).

And lastly, she consulted on the creation of the very successful Waterstone Spa in Ashland. 

I am incredibly blessed that this genuine, warm, and talented woman is an international spa consultant, but lives right here in Ashland, and is helping me bring this dream to fruition! 

With Shelley's knowledge and guidance, the Zagorska Oasis will be an Eco-Luxe Spa. 

This means everything is taken into consideration; from materials used for construction, to equipment sourced from FSC certified manufacturing facilities, to energy & water consumption  and everyday practices, the spa will make sustainable choices whenever possible.  

We are working hard to offer you something completely unique to Ashland, and customized to your needs! I'll be sharing more details as time goes on.

I just want to assure you that I have never worked harder in my life than I have the past several weeks, but I've also never been more driven or excited!  I may not have the time to be as interactive on social media as usual, but I am more focused on you and your needs now more than ever...I know I can trust in your support, and I am counting the days until we can celebrate the Zagorska Oasis together.  

Stay Beautiful!



P.S. If you'd like a personal invitation to the Big Night, come into the boutique and add your name to the list!