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Fuzzy Love, or, How to Rescue a Baby Jackrabbit

Fuzzy Love, or, How to Rescue a Baby Jackrabbit

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 6th Jul 2015

My 14 year old son, Mik, was outside and heard an animal squeal in distress.  One of our dogs had a baby jackrabbit in its mouth.  Mik rescued it, but the poor thing had a cut on the side of its head. He gently washed it and held it in the warmth of the sun to dry off and prevent shock, but we doubted it was going to make it.  It was just so small, and itty bitty things succumb so easily to shock or injury.

Were there internal injuries?  How bad was that head wound?  Any broken bones that would prevent its survival in the wild? There was nothing more to do but wait and see.

When that little thing didn't die from shock or injury, my first thought was, "How in the world do I take care of a baby jackrabbit?" And my second guilty thought was, "I really don't have time for this."  

Next stop: Google. 

A quick search said the best thing for a baby rabbit is...goat's milk.  Goat's milk!  Well, miracles never cease. We've been getting fresh goat's milk from a local farmer for the last two weeks since I learned I'm intolerant to cow's milk. I grabbed a dropper from my workshop, some goat's milk from the fridge, warmed it up, and then this...

Well, that was yesterday.  I read that mama rabbits feed their babies at dawn and dusk, so I got up early, took the little shnooker back to bed with me, and fed it breakfast in bed.  After it had filled its belly(we're still not sure if it's a boy or a girl) it snuggled up under my hair against my neck and went to sleep.  


Okay, I guess you can stay.

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