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Herbs of Grace Mineral Makeup Review + Promo Code

Herbs of Grace Mineral Makeup Review + Promo Code

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 3rd Nov 2015

This past October I met a beautiful, vibrant woman named Vanessa at a Portland Indie Business Network conference.  When I learned she creates and sells mineral makeup with no synthetics or additives, I asked to review her products for my customers.  Why?  Because it's a win-win!  I can direct my customers to a pure, natural brand of cosmetics that I feel good about (since mine are now sold exclusively through Shoppe Serendipity in Yreka, CA), and I also get to support another indie business woman.  Her business is Herbs of Grace, and I'm so happy to introduce you!  

Herbs of Grace

Vanessa sent me a gorgeous assortment of colors to try. 

Natural Look Mineral Makeup

Choices, choices...foundations, eye shadows, blushes...

Mineral blush

Vanessa also happens to be a I know she takes the purity and quality of her makeup seriously.

The brochure has helpful application tips, too!

mineral foundation

Your tools: Good brushes will help you get the most out of your mineral makeup. I have a nice selection of kabuki brushes, contouring brushes, fluffy brushes, and eye & lip brushes, and I use them all!

kabuki brush


OK...let's get started. 

This is me in the morning.  No makeup, morning hair, splotchy skin, before coffee...

call me Sunshine.

before picture

I chose Wheat as my foundation shade.

Wheat mineral foundation

I loaded my brush, and the mineral makeup applied flawlessly.  

Look at how evened-out my skin tone is!

The purpose of foundation is to create a canvass, and Herbs of Grace did this for some color in those cheeks.

I chose Peach...a little goes a long way.  

Peach mineral blush

And Queen's Cup for highlighting my browbones and cheekbones.

Queen's Cup

Now that I have a little color, it's time for the eyes. 

 I picked the Oatstraw for my lids, Cocoa in the crease, and I used a wet brush with the Chocolate Lily to make liner that lasts all day! 

(BTW, almost all the brushes in this post are available at Shoppe Serendipity...I love, love, love my bent liner bamboo brush!)

Chocolate Lily

And voila...I have eyes again!  Nice silky texture to the eyeshadow...and I adore the color of Chocolate Lily...not so harsh as a black liner, but makes my eyes pop.

Now for my favorite part...the lips. 

 (I'm a lipstick fanatic.  I always have at least 3 lipsticks in my purse. I have all the materials to make my own lipsticks, and I will someday guys...stay tuned.)  

One of the things that makes mineral makeup so delightful is its versatility.  

Any eye shadow can be used wet, dry, or as a liner.  Any blush can be used as a lipstick!

Make a mineral lipstick by blending the minerals and some lip balm with your liner brush.  I used the Peach again.

Mineral Lipstick

You can tell I've had my coffee by now...and I'm digging my lips.

Finally, the ultimate makeup test...check it outside in natural sunlight...

looks completely natural and gorgeous!

I'm sold.

before and after

So, if you've been bummed that I don't sell my mineral makeup in the shop or online anymore, and you don't have time to drive to Yreka, go check out Vanessa's beautiful line  


to get it delivered right to your door.  

 And, Vanessa is offering an exclusive 25% off promo code just for you: Z25

Lucky you!