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Ingredient Minute: Propanediol

Ingredient Minute: Propanediol

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 20th Feb 2016

I'll be doing short informative posts from time to time covering a single ingredient. 

A customer asked me about the base ingredients in the natural deodorant I'm working on.

When I introduced the deodorant a few years ago, it became an instant best-seller and remains one of the most popular Oasis products. Probably several of you reading this use it.

Remember this Detox Deodorant?

I love the positive feedback from customers about how well it works at keeping them odor-free, but I want it to be more pleasant to use with a silkier texture.

My goal is for you to love using your deodorant. 

Can you imagine getting up in the morning and thinking, "I can't wait to take my shower so I can use my new deodorant!"?

So, I'm reformulating to not only keep you odor-free naturally and support your body in the removal of toxins, but to also glide on like satin, but without an oily residue.

A key ingredient to help me achieve this is propanediol. 

Now, propanediol sounds scary, but it is a plant-based alternative to the petrochemical propylene glycol. 

The propanediol I use is also Eco-Cert and NPA(Natural Products Association) certified, non-GMO, & approved for use in organic products in Europe & Japan, as well as the USA.  

lt's good for the skin and gives a silky feel with increased glide...just what my deodorant needs. 

Herban Cowboy wrote about some of the differences between propanediol and propylene glycol:

1. Propanediol is mainly derived from a sustainable and renewable corn sugar fermentation process. 

2. Propylene Glycol is mainly synthesized from Propylene Oxide, a petrochemical. 

3. Manufacturing corn-derived Propanediol emits up to 40% less greenhouse gases than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol .

4. Corn-derived Propanediol uses up to 35% less non-renewable energy than chemically-derived Propylene Glycol

If you want more in-depth info, click HERE

So, there you have it in about a minute!  

I've been working on the deodorant, and it's coming along...each trial is an improvement.  I'll let you know as soon as it's ready!

Stay Beautiful!