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My Resolution #1: Clean Eating

My Resolution #1: Clean Eating

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 5th Jan 2016

Happy New Year!  

I love new beginnings.  Every day is another chance at getting it right!  We make our resolutions with many good intentions, but it demands so much mindfulness and focus to change our lives and our habits, doesn't it?  

When forging a new path, it's important to minimize the things that distract you or rob you of the energy you need to be successful.  For example, I find that whenever I recommit to a regular exercise regimen, I end up getting sick or injured and then I'm forced to start all over again.  It has happened so many times in the past that now I expect it. 

But, with age comes wisdom, and I've learned a few things. 

I'm sharing my personal goals for 2016, and what I'm doing to get the odds in my favor for success:


I have several food sensitivities as well as health issues that are strongly impacted by what I eat. 

  For me, eating the 'wrong' foods, even foods considered healthy for most people, leads to systemic inflammation in my body.  Since I am already MTHFR homozygous c667t, my body is limited in its ability to detox, and my adrenals and hormones are taxed constantly.  

My husband and children are also directly affected by certain foods. We have all been tested by a naturopathic doctor after my daughter developed asthma seemingly out of the blue 4 years ago.  

I'll be the first to say it's HARD to do it right. To eat the way we should involves hours spent every week making a menu plan and shopping lists, with meals (and time to prepare them) arranged around my family's very busy schedule.  As a bonus, we live over a mountain pass in the boonies, so a quick trip to the grocery store is out of the question.  

My husband and I both run our own businesses, and a small farm to boot, so we never feel like we have enough time to get everything done!  But, we try.  I plan out two meals for every day of the week, breakfast & dinner,  and usually cook most of them myself.  Eating well for us means it's nearly impossible to eat out without cheating, so I must make enough food to have meals to take with me whenever I'm in town for the day, and for lunches for all of us. 

During the Holidays, we all was a conscious decision, but now we must face the music and clean up our diets!  

My Secrets for Success 

These are the books that I use heavily and love, a free printout, and an app on my phone I couldn't live without!  

FYI: I have always provided links to products I use that I think you might also love, so I have decided to try being an Amazon affiliate.  When you click on one of my links and make a purchase on Amazon, I will receive a small percentage.  So, if you do decide to get your own copy of these books, please click through from this blog!  

Thank you!  :)

It starts with food

I recommend you read this book to get started on understanding how the food you eat is affecting your health in ways you may not even be aware of.  This book will motivate you and lead you step by step on a 30 day nutritional reset, with recipes included.  Be prepared for more energy, clearer thinking, radiant skin, better sleep, and probably substantial weight loss, too!  Losing a half a pound a day is not unusual, and I can attest to that myself.  You can do this!      (To learn more about the Whole30, with access to free downloads and templates, click here.)

Well fed 2

Well Fed 2 is indispensible in our home. The recipes are delicious and fairly easy, and there are always several variations listed to change up the recipe to suit your taste.  The book includes a very useful section devoted to sauces and seasonings to make your own mayo, ketchup, spice blends, etc...basically, everything you'll need to be successful. This is my workhorse.

(To learn more about what's inside Well Fed 2 and a Free 35 page sampler, click here.)

Saving Dinner the Low Carb Way

I started with this book, and still use it, especially for those weeks when I don't have much time to do a menu plan and grocery list, because it's done for me!  The recipes are simple enough for the kids to make on their own.  I do need to make adjustments to some of them to make them gluten free, etc...but that has not been a problem.  I love that I can print out a ready-made weekly dinner menu + grocery list!  It has been a life-saver many a time.                                                                         (Take a look at the menu plans & shopping lists arranged by season here.)

Paleo Slow Cooking

I absolutely couldn't do it without my slow cooker.  It is my right-hand man at least once a week, and I actually have three slow cookers of different sizes.  I convert several recipes to be made in my Crock Pot, but if you're new to slow cookingthis book is a good place to start.

The Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook

I just got the Autoimmune Paleo Cookbook for Christmas, and I'm still exploring it.  It's a #1 bestseller and I know someone personally who used it and has had a complete health turn-around.  I am particularly enamored that it has a complete 4 week meal plan (breakfast, lunch, & dinner) with shopping lists!   There's a section on tips and tricks, and even a recipe to make your own kombucha.  I feel like this is going to be a very fruitful addition to my library.

(To learn more about the Autoimmune Protocol with free printable food lists, meal plans, shopping lists + more, click here.)

weekly menu planner organized home

Usually on Sundays, I'll peruse the above books keeping in mind the food I've already got in the freezer & fridge. I pick and choose recipes from the books, and get to work making my menu plan and grocery lists. I like to put the plan where everyone can see it on the fridge. I enter not only what I'm making, but the the book and page number of the recipe for quick reference as well. I have tried several versions, and found these Weekly Menu Planner printouts from Organized Home to work the best for our family.

Lastly, the grocery lists.  I do one big shopping trip a week to Costco on Wednesdays, and my husband picks up whatever else I need twice a week from the local grocery store.  We use an app called Out of Milk that allows us to sync our lists.  So, I can add what I need to the Monday Grocery list at any time and share it with him.  He never needs to call and ask what he needs to buy, or worry about misplacing a piece of paper, because it's on his phone.  You can create as many lists as you like, & categorize items on the lists.  The app includes a To-Do List, a Pantry List, & Deals to help you find sale items, as well. 

I've come to learn that 'you are what you eat' is not just a pithy aphorism, but truth and wisdom.  Creating a life of joy and happiness is the goal, isn't it, but we make it hard for ourselves when we are unknowingly undermining those efforts by eating the wrong things!  I wholeheartedly encourage you to try a nutritional reset for just 30 days, and feel the difference it can make.  My daughter told me she has noticed a clear-cut improvement in not only her asthma, but also her skin, and even her mood and outlook when she's eating properly!  

Here's to a healthier you in 2016!