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Name My New Shampoo and Win a Bottle!

Name My New Shampoo and Win a Bottle!

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 3rd Mar 2015

I would love your help!  I'm developing a shampoo and I can't decide what to call it.  Send me your suggestions, and if your idea is chosen, I'll give you a free bottle, shipping included!  

(This is how I feel when I win anything!)

First, some background, a list of the ingredients, and why I chose them:

Shampoo is a product I feel is essential to my line, since most people use it almost daily, and Zagorska exists so my customers have safer, more natural bodycare options that they feel good about using...their Oasis.

But I want my shampoo to do it all:  not just cleanse and condition in one easy step, but detox and clarify, protect, strengthen, and even make it easier to comb and style!  I want your scalp to feel as good as your hair, and your hair to smell so good you want to sniff it all day long.  

I've made some attempts in the past,  and had almost decided to give up and go with a shampoo bar that can also be used as a body soap (I still may go ahead with that would be great for travel and camping), but after so many customer requests, and my own desire, I decided to give it another go and did more research to find organic (ground yucca root), and gentle, non-toxic, naturally derived (from coconuts not petroleum) surfactants (a surfactant is a cleanser/conditioner that gives a nice foamy lather and helps to emulsify a product...that is, it keeps the waters and oils smoothly combined).  

My ingredients:


Did you know aloe vera is a wonderful conditioner and moisturizer for the hair that smoothes the hair shaft, giving shine, gloss, and manageability? That's why I'm using it as my base ingredient!


Adds resiliency and elasticity to hair by binding to keratin in the hair shaft and creating a protective layer.  The silk proteins penetrate the hair shaft, drawing moisture to and strengthening damaged hair.  Factoid: silk can hold 10,000 times its weight in water!


Another deeply penetrating, moisturizing and strengthening ingredient.  A humectant that draws and binds water into the cortex of the hair shaft. Gives weightless volume for bouncy, healthy hair with no build up. Prevents split ends.  Is an effective antioxidant as well.


Also called 'Moroccan Oil' or 'Liquid Gold'.  Rich in vitamins A & E, antioxidants, Omega-6 fatty acids, and linoleic acid.  Non-greasy.  Tames frizz and fly-away hair.  Protects against damage from heat styling. Promotes body, softness, and shine, as well as healthy hair growth. 


It's actually a liquid wax with a molecular structure closest to the sebum your skin and scalp naturally produces.  This lightweight oil is an excellent moisturizer and conditioner for dry or damaged hair and scalp. 


Vital nutrient and antioxidant.  Deeply conditions, and repairs heat-damaged hair and split ends.  Delivers nutrients to the scalp.


Cleanses and clarifies without drying.  Removes chemical build up and toxins.  Rich in minerals to nourish hair and scalp.


A fine, ground powder from the seeds of the guar bean (organic, of course).  Thickens and conditions hair without build-up. Also provides a nice texture to the shampoo and slip to your hair to make it easy to wet comb.


Yucca is a plant used for centuries by Native Americans as a shampoo and soap because it is full of saponins(where the word 'soap' comes from) that foam and cleanse naturally.  

Alpha Olefin Sulfonate and Sodium Coco Sulfate are both extremely mild, non-toxic cleansers derived from coconuts.  Alpha Olefin Sulfonate boosts foam, is a good wetting agent(helps shampoo to spread nicely and coat hair), and is used in big name organic commercial products like Eminence Organics because it is a safe alternative to petroleum based ingredients, and it works amazingly well.  

Sodium Coco Sulfate (don't be scared by the word sulfate...all sulfates are not created equal, and some are wonderful, like magnesium sulfate a.k.a. epsom salt, but that's information for a later blog post) is a bubble-boosting but very gentle cleanser with no toxic contaminants(like ethylene oxide and 1, 4-dioxane).  The EU Ecolabel program reports this ingredient 'readily biodegradable' and of 'low' concern, and it is Eco-cert certified. You can find it on the ingredients lists of trusted companies such as The Honest Co. and Earth Friendly Products. 


Oh the scent!  Like a burst of minty herb garden.  The peppermint is stimulating and gives a cooling effect to the scalp. Traditionally, rosemary essential oil has been used to nourish the scalp and promote hair growth. Clary sage derives its name from the Latin 'clarus' meaning 'clear'.  It, too, has been used traditionally to stimulate hair growth. 

So, you see why I need help.  I can't name the shampoo 'Mud Aloe Argan Yucca Silk Pro V B5 Jojoba Clay Herbal It-Does-Everything-You'd-Ever-Want Shampoo!  

Please submit your ideas in the comments section below, and I'll announce the winner once a decision is made.

Thank You!

UPDATE: The competition has ended, but I'd like to thank you for your interest!

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