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Peachicks, not Chick Peas

Peachicks, not Chick Peas

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 29th Jun 2015

We lost one of our white peahens in early summer as she was sitting on her nest, and we were pretty bummed until we saw THIS spectacle parade in front of the house...a mama with her brood of 3 white and two colored peachicks.  

Yep, they're really called pea-chicks.

Not to be confused with chick-peas, which make great hummus.

Pea chicks:

Chick peas:

Joking aside, Mama Peahen is a natural at teaching her peachicks the ropes on the property, like where to find water, what seed heads to eat, which bugs are tasty, and how to strut in a most regal fashion.

The peeps are doing a great job of listening obediently to Mama, following her around without getting lost, getting bigger and stronger, and being cute.  The cycle of life on our little farm continues...