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Simple Hollandaise Sauce + Eggs Benedict Pt. 2

Simple Hollandaise Sauce + Eggs Benedict Pt. 2

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 22nd Dec 2015

So, you've made delicious, easy Hollandaise Sauce using my recipe in Pt. 1.


Now, keep it gently warmed on the stove so it doesn't 'break'.  

I know it sounds funny, but I didn't make that term up.  

A 'broken' sauce has separated, and no longer has a smooth consistency.  It can happen if it gets 

~too hot (usually unfixable...that's why you need to use a cast iron  heat diffuser or a double boiler), 

~too cold, 

~or if left sitting too long.

Tip: To fix a broken Hollandaise sauce that got cold (or if you refrigerated it), you'll need to warm it gently, and then add a little cream, or an egg yolk, and possibly a little more hot water and whisk away! 

OK, your sauce is perfect...let's make some Eggs Benedict, 

one of the ultimate breakfast comfort foods, and a family favorite!

Here's what you'll need:

~ Hollandaise sauce

~6 English muffins

~ 12 eggs

~ bunch of fresh tarragon

~ 12 slices of Canadian bacon

~ oil for cooking

~ salt & pepper, if desired

I cook with Lodge cast iron skillets most of the time, so I usually start by warming them up.  While they're gently heating, split the English Muffins and put them in the toaster.  You want them lightly toasted, not hard and crunchy.

While your muffins are toasting, warm up the slices of Canadian bacon in one of the pans.  Again, just warm them over low heat, don't fry them.  

The way my men eat, I was thrilled to find this uncured Canadian bacon at Costco...I love that store!  Every time I go, they have more organic and healthy food options.  

Tip: It's important to start with room temperature eggs.  This prevents you from overcooking the yolks waiting for the whites to firm up. Successful Eggs Benedict demands yolks that burst with golden goodness when you cut into them! 

Trust me...I always cook with warm eggs, and it does make a difference.  

Crack your eggs in the oiled and pre-heated pan... 

Tip: Be generous with the oil when cooking the eggs...just pretend fat and calories don't really exist right now. 

 ...and cook just til the whites are set.  

No worries about breaking yolks when turning the eggs, either.  Know why?  

You don't have to flip the eggs.  Check this out:  

Tip: Once the whites are no longer clear, and just set, add about a Tb. of water the the pan and cover with a lid.  This holds the heat in and steams the tops the eggs!

Check your eggs after 30 seconds. You'll know they're done when there is a white film over the tops. It shouldn't take longer than a minute. 

While they're steaming, arrange the English muffins on plates. You're going to have to move fast at this point.

Place a slice of Canadian bacon & a cooked egg on each muffin half. Then quickly ladle the Hollandaise sauce over, and finish with a sprinkling of fresh tarragon.

You've made a simple meal into a holiday!

Merry Christmas!!