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The Struggles & Joys of Rural Living

The Struggles & Joys of Rural Living

Posted by Michele Zagorski on 28th Jan 2015

I live in the mountains outside of Ashland, Oregon and strive for a natural, organic lifestyle.  I thought you might like a peek at what it's like!

This is what we see out our front window.

If you've read the About Us page on my website, you know I lived just outside of NYC after college with my husband. The fast paced, corporate ladder life just wasn't for us.  We moved west to a little town in Southern Oregon, and soon after to the Colestin Valley just south of town.  The rural lifestyle is a lot of work, but rewarded with much beauty.

We raise chickens for meat and eggs. In the fall, my husband butchers the meat birds, and I pluck them with the kids.

And sheep.  

We lived in an old, uninsulated mobile home for 6 years until we built our straw bale home.  I homeschooled the kids, and began making organic skin care products during this time.  We have some great memories from our time in the 'tin can'.

But, designing and building our straw bale home was a dream come true.

And life wouldn't be complete without our garden...

There are some downsides to country living, like a mountain lion eating our pet dog (yes, this happened to us), rattlesnakes, and finding critters like this on the bathroom wall...

...or lightning striking a tree a few hundred feet from our home during a drought.

Thank God for firefighters...and a special thanks to those that volunteer!

At the end of the day, when it's put in the balance, I have to say life is good.